Gigya, SAP agree to deal

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Alexander Dobrindt said Thursday that the model affected is a Cayenne 3-liter TDI that is still in production. He said that authorities will order an obligatory recall as in previous such cases. He added that 7,500 such vehicles have been registered in Germany and some 22,000 across Europe.

He said that "a so-called warm-up strategy" is triggered when cars are being tested that is not activated during normal driving. Dobrindt said that the finding of the "defeat device" software resulted from tests carried out by German authorities.

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The move would be a break with a less costly software-only overhaul agreed just months ago. In August, German politicians and car bosses agreed to overhaul engine software on 5. 3 million diesel cars to cut pollution and try to repair the industry's battered reputation. Politicians stopped short of demanding more expensive hardware adaptations. The new government position was agreed by experts and civil servants of the German transport ministry in an effort to prevent bans on diesel cars in some cities.

Among entities hit by sanctions that acquired Microsoft products was Almaz-Antey, manufacturer of the BUK surface-to-air missile. Dutch prosecutors say a BUK missile brought down a Malaysian Airlines passenger jet over east Ukraine in July 2014, though Russia denies its forces shot down the plane.

(Reuters) -*SAP
, Europe's biggest technology company, has agreed to buy U. -Israeli customer identity software company Gigya to strengthen its position in the booming market for online customer relationship marketing, the company said on Sunday.

After the sanctions were introduced, Microsoft took steps to prevent entities hit by sanctions acquiring its products, according to five sources involved in the software re-selling trade and a former Microsoft employee in Russia.

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"If we bought directly from Microsoft, there would be sanctions," a shipyard employee, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue, said by telephone. "But there were no problems with (buying third-party from) Russian firms.

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Environmentalists have said that agreement - two years after Volkswagen admitted to cheating U. diesel emissions tests - was too little, too late, and have vowed to press ahead with legal action aimed at banning polluting vehicles.

People involved in five of the transactions confirmed to Reuters the software had been acquired. All state organisations and state firms are obliged to disclose purchases they make on the procurement database.

Gigya software enables companies to manage customer marketing profiles and preferences, while giving consumers themselves the power to opt-in and give their consent, helping users to keep control of their data at all times,*SAP*

The deal, terms of which were not disclosed, will tie together Gigya's user identity access and management platform with*SAP
's Hybris customer profile data-matching software so businesses can market services to online customers.

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